Why Storycombs Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Whether we’re fully cognizant of it or not, oftentimes holidays end up placing too much emphasis on materialism and commercialism in the form of new sweaters, toys, or cell phone accessories. Somehow as a society we have allowed the holidays to evolve into a time period where our main focus is gifting tangible items, simply to have a superfluous amount of items to open around the tree, often disregarding the price tag.

With such focus on commercialism, it can feel difficult to give truly meaningful gifts. But what if you could give the of your family’s story?

Over the upcoming holidays, consider gifting your loved ones something unique, special, and intangible—the gift of StoryCombs. Using our patented technology, you can create a private group for your family and share narrated photos that capture the stories behind your favorite memories. Think of it like a time capsule in your pocket!

Capture Memories, Forever

The holidays are a time to come together as a family—to make new memories, and to relive old ones. Gathered around the table over a holiday meal, you and your loved ones discuss your memories and lives, past, future, and present.

With Storycombs, you have the ability to capture and preserve your family’s favorite stories, forever. Through the app, you can create a private group for your family called a Hive. In the Hive, you and your family can create albums and use StoryCombs’ patented technology to post narrated photos for each other to enjoy.

In addition to helping you record and preserve the unique stories that make up your family’s history, StoryCombs can also serve as a catalyst for learning new information about each other. It’s the perfect excuse to slow down and ask questions.

Encourage your loved ones to consider what stories they’ve never heard. Ask about military service, or how they met their spouse. Even more trivial things like their favorite restaurant or meal, or things of more significance, like stories about when a particular relative was born, or your loved one’s overall favorite memory can result in extremely revealing and meaningful stories. Even if you’ve heard a story several times before, you will now have the ability to save it concretely and ensure it’s preserved for future generations.

A Gift for the Entire Family

Another reason StoryCombs is the perfect gift for the holidays is that it’s a gift you can give your entire family. Did we mention how affordable it is? Shopping for each family member can get expensive. This year, wrap a gift for every member of your family for just $19.99 TOTAL.

When you purchase StoryCombs and set up a Hive, you can then invite an unlimited number of family members to enjoy StoryCombs as a gift! There's even a gift guide download that you can print out and wrap in an envelope to make the exchange extra special when it comes time to unwrap presents.

When StoryCombs is given during the holiday season, you and your loved ones have the special opportunity to begin the new year with traditions like memory collection and creating albums in your Hive. This bonding can take place whenever throughout the year as you see your loved one, or can be saved for the holiday season.

When you give the gift of StoryCombs, you not only give the gift of shared and preserved memories—but of a greater family narrative. As you each share and experience stories from your relatives, you can develop a stronger sense of what makes your family special. It’s this understanding that StoryCombs seeks to help users obtain, and it’s this intangible, powerful benefit that make StoryCombs such a unique and meaningful gift.

A Gift for Any Age

When I say the entire family, I really mean the entire family! Yet another reason StoryCombs is an ideal gift is that those of all ages can appreciate and enjoy receiving it.

Whether the recipient is a young adult learning more about their loved ones, an adult with a healthy or ailing parent, an elder hoping to forever hold on to their memories of their spouse or children, StoryCombs truly is a heartfelt and thoughtful experience.

Even very young children may enjoy the gift of StoryCombs. One StoryCombs user testimonial reads,

"Tonight, I tucked my girls into bed, but instead of reading them a story, I opened a StoryCombs album to share with them. To see the light in their eyes as they listened to a story about my Grandmother. To think this story could have been lost! I am so thankful for this. For me, for our girls, and family to come. Thank you for making this happen.” - S. Crowe

Unfortunately, just how many holidays any of us have left with our loved ones is unbeknownst to us, so this year, consider investing in something that will capture and protect cherished memories and help younger generations learn about your family for years to come.

A Vessel of Endurance

This holiday season, I’m personally planning on gifting StoryCombs both to my uncle and my mom, a brother-sister duo who have lost everyone in their family aside from me. In the past we’ve been happy to gift each other with clothes and books and household items, but this year alongside the chotchkies I’m hoping to give both of them a gift with a higher value.

Since each of our family members have passed on, our outlook on and values of the holidays have significantly changed. We’ve realized the gift of spending time together on trips and of printing out photos to frame and fondly look back on. We’ve realized the experience of going to concerts and films and plays and truly and deeply savoring the experience is now what matters to us. I know that capturing these memories in a vessel of endurance is of the utmost importance.

Whether your loved one has spent a lifetime building memories or still has a million left to build, one of the best gifts that you can give them is the time capsule that is StoryCombs.