• Laura Odorczyk

What's a Narrated Photo?

At StoryCombs, our mission is to help every family preserve stories the way you've always heard them: as told by your loved ones.

You've probably experienced looking through an old photo album with a loved one as they share stories about the past. With the StoryCombs app, you can create narrated photos to capture those photos and stories, forever.

It's easy to create a narrated photo in the app. You simply upload a photo, then record yourself or a loved one telling a story about the photo. The app stitches together the photo and story to create a narrated photo.

Organize narrated photos into photo albums in the app to save stories by topic. Then, invite family members to your hive (a private group) so they can add their own narrated photos to the family narrative!

For more details on how to get started, visit Getting Started with StoryCombs.


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