How StoryCombs Hives Modernize Family Storytelling

We document more today than we ever have before. But along the way, some things are still getting lost. And those somethings are someones. Thirty-three percent of Americans don’t know the first name of all four of their grandparents. And one fifth of Americans are unable to name any of their great-grandparents.

When and if we do feel compelled to look for family information, what we are able to find has often been reduced to vital records. Dates. Names. Places. Photos of people and places we don't recognize. Lost is a greater sense of story. Our family narratives, the small details that make up the very fabric of our collective existence, have faded from memory. Sometimes, forever.

That’s why we created StoryCombs—to capture the unique family stories that make up who you are and where you’ve come from. StoryCombs Hives are private groups within an easy-to-use mobile app. Imagine them like a shared library of family photo albums, waiting for collective additions and perusal at any moment of the day. To help give you a better sense of what they’re all about, here are five ways StoryCombs Hives modernize family storytelling.

1. Multimedia Storytelling

StoryCombs patented technology allows users to not only upload images, but to also add video or audio narration to each photo. Hive members may then view images accompanied by narration and toggle back and forth between the visual and the person telling the story.

Simply upload a photo, then record yourself or a loved one telling a story about the photo. The app then stitches together the photo and narration to create a narrated photo. When viewing the narrated photo, users may simply tap the photo or the narrator to have either appear in full screen. Depending on the image size, you can choose to view narrated photos in portrait or landscape.

2. Private, Secure Groups

Each StoryCombs Hive is private and accessible only to individuals personally invited to join by the Hive Owner. Hive Owners bear the cost of the annual subscription for the family and may then invite an unlimited number of family members, so it’s free for everyone else to join!

StoryCombs works to ensure that each group is secure and that unauthorized access to your private family information is completely prohibited. We know your family’s memories are some of your most treasured possessions. We do everything in our power to ensure they are well preserved and protected for generations to come.

3. A Digital Family Narrative

The details and stories that make up your family’s past are priceless pieces of information that are often only ever communicated and passed down firsthand. With StoryCombs, you have the ability to discover details you may have never known or previously uncovered—all from the palm of your hand.

In our modern world, families often live apart or have such demanding schedules that it can feel difficult to forge relationships in the way generations past did. StoryCombs helps family members strengthen their ties, relationships, and larger sense of self and identity by facilitating meaningful story exchange.

Hear what one StoryCombs user had to say,

"Tonight, I tucked my girls into bed, but instead of reading them a story, I opened a StoryCombs album to share with them. To see the light in their eyes as they listened to a story about my Grandmother. To think this story could have been lost! I am so thankful for this. For me, for our girls, and family to come. Thank you for making this happen.” - S. Crowe, Alabama

4. Unlimited Members, Access, and Distribution

Story is as old as society. Perhaps, even older. It’s at the very core of our humanity and how we communicate information from generation to generation. Where previously people have been limited by things like geography, or time, we now live in a world where we can collect and distribute personal family information in seconds.

On StoryCombs, each narrated photo is saved to an album. This helps keep your Hive organized. You can add as many albums as you like and with the ability to invite unlimited members to your Hive, you have the ability to upload a story one moment, and share it with your entire family the next, as if you were all seated together at the same dinner table.

5. In-App Engagement

Inside each album, users also have the ability to like and comment on photo entries. This way, your memories and stories can not only be shared, but facilitate meaningful dialogue between family members, similar to the way you would interact on your favorite public social media platform.

Users can also send an image of a photo, document, or even recipe to other members of their Hive with a request to narrate it. Have you ever come across a photo of someone you don’t recognize and wish you could hear the story behind the image? With StoryCombs, simply upload the image and then send it to another member of your Hive to narrate. They’ll receive a notification asking them to add narration for the image. When they’ve uploaded their narrated photo, the entire Hive may then enjoy the new story.

Here at StoryCombs, we’re dedicated to helping families save and protect the stories they want to remember forever. Whether it’s an old military service photo, a silly story about the family cat, or a sacred family recipe, it deserves to be passed down.

For information on how to create a Hive and how to invite friends and family, visit the StoryCombs support page or visit the App or Play store to get started.





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