Saving Family Recipes with StoryCombs

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

From birthday cake to turkey on Thanksgiving, food is what brings families together time and time again.

For as long as I can remember, the sacred recipes of my childhood have been kept in a small box on a high shelf. The 3x5 index cards inside, stained with coffee (or is that gravy?), have been the foundation of all my favorite meals.

Though the index-card method seems to be the most popular way to store these invaluable instructions that are passed down through generations, often it can feel like some essential information is lacking. Many recipes require first hand notes from the chef in order to make them turn out ‘just like mom used to make.’

In fact, I was recently tasked with sharing my grandmother’s potato candy recipe with the family and found that the recipe itself gave no measurements. I’ve seen potato candy made before, but I was worried that my distant cousins, who hadn’t seen it, wouldn’t understand the barebones written instructions. I turned to StoryCombs for help and you can, too!

Check out the video and steps below to see how easy it is to capture and share the entire story behind coveted family recipes. Let’s get cooking!

Creating a Narrated Photo for Your Family Recipe

To get started,

1. Open the StoryCombs App


2. Select the Album You Want to Add This Recipe To

I simply saved this one to my ‘Recipes’ album, but my apple crumble recipe is an example of something I might choose to place in my ‘Autumn’ album.

3. Press the Plus Button to Get Started

Once you've selected your album, select the plus button at the bottom right to add content.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure

In the video above, I started with the narration and added a photo of the finished product at the end, but you also have the option of starting with the photo.

5. Whenever You’re Ready, Record Your Narrative

Your narrative could be a story about a holiday at which your family always eats a specific meal— or about that time that you accidentally added a tablespoon of salt instead of a teaspoon, or it could be instructions to ensure that everyone in your family sifts their flour just right.

Whatever you want to share with your family, you can easily record it in-app or upload it from your camera roll. Remember, you can always send a photo to a member of your Hive for them to narrate as well if you think someone else in your family might be better suited to sharing the full details behind the recipe.

If you recorded your narrative first, you'll then be prompted to add a photo.

6. Add a Photo

If you love the look of those handwritten recipe cards, you can add one now. Alternatively, you can snap a picture of the food itself or upload a photo of your family enjoying the dish you talked about in your narrative. You’ll be given an opportunity to crop your photo before the next step.

7. Add the Details

Don’t forget to include the important details! You can tag members of your Hive, add the date and location, and give your recipe a name.


Once the details are in, you’re all set.

Preserving this recipe took no time at all and I can’t wait to try it out with more family recipes soon. What are your most cherished family recipes? Let us know in the comments below!