What's the Perfect Follow-Up Gift for a DNA Kit?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

DNA testing kits are an excellent choice for any gift-giving occasion (I should know; I was gifted one last year for Christmas). Unfortunately, it seems that pretty much everyone has gotten hip to this idea lately, leaving some of us wondering, “Well now what am I supposed to get for Aunt So-and-So?”

For some people, a DNA kit is the spark that lights (or rekindles) a passion for family history. Once those precious results are delivered, the recipient is blessed with a whole new world of information. If your intended giftee is in awe of their DNA kit results, then I have some good news for you. Whether you gifted the DNA kit originally or not, you can give them the ultimate follow up gift: a StoryCombs mobile app subscription.

There are many reasons a StoryCombs subscription is the perfect follow-up gift. Check out my favorite five reasons in the list below.

1. StoryCombs Brings DNA Kit Results to Life

When DNA kit results are delivered, they come with a treasure trove of genetic genealogical information. That information can be new and exciting or it can be some concrete confirmation of what everyone in the family already knows to be true. Either way, it’s mostly just words on a page until questions are asked and stories are told. With StoryCombs, there’s no need to wait for the next big family gathering to get some insight, share some memories, and be a part of a story much bigger than any one member of the family could tell.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a whole Hive to tell your family’s larger story. StoryCombs Hives are private groups for the entire family to enjoy together. Using the app, family members can organize narrated photos into albums in their shared Hive. In the albums they can weave together documents, photos, and facts with the feelings, thoughts, and memories of the people behind them. When you gift your family a Hive, you’re not just giving them a place to keep their pictures; you’re giving them a place to glimpse the past, gather with the present, and grow for the future.

2. A Hive is a Home for Everyone in the Family

Not everyone can come home for the holidays, but with a StoryCombs subscription, everyone can come back to the Hive. And I do mean everyone! DNA genealogy can reveal and strengthen connections between distant relatives and create a sense of community in the family like never before. You foster that connection when you give the gift of StoryCombs. It’s not just for the intended giftee, but also for you, for your Aunt So-and-So, your child, and your second cousin twice removed all at the same time. You can invite unlimited people to each Hive you create. All of those people can add to the family’s story, comment on others’ contributions, and enjoy the shared memories. No matter how far away family may be, they’ll always be close to their Hive.

3. Exploring New Perspectives with StoryCombs

Each time your Hive gains a new member, your family’s collective story gains a new perspective. Sometimes that new perspective will challenge you to think of someone in the family differently. For example, your Grandmom is your Grandmom, but she can also be someone else’s Nana or Gran or perhaps someone’s wife, or aunt, or sister. Telling your family story alongside people who don’t call your Grandmother ‘Grandmom,’ can reveal things you never knew about her and stories you’d never heard before.

The same applies to every member of the family, every family tradition, and even every tried and true family recipe. There’s only so much story we can uncover and hold onto on our own. StoryCombs acts as both the storage unit and the storybook for so many wonderful stories that would’ve otherwise gone untold. Though this is in the nature of the app, you can also encourage collaboration by tagging members of your Hive in photos, sending them requests to narrate a photo or document for you, and providing detailed descriptions of each album you create and what memories you expect to gather there.

4. StoryCombs Across the Seven Seas

You already know that StoryCombs Hives can be enjoyed from near and far, but the fact that you can gift it from afar is the icing on the cake (or, perhaps, the honey on the comb). This is such a crucial feature for family members who live far away and family members you only recently connected with because of DNA testing results. You just found out you share a great-great-grandmother—now you can share a collective family history. If you’re ahead of the holiday shopping game, you can start adding albums to the Hive before you share it. That way, when your loved ones first log into StoryCombs, they’ll be greeted with a little bit of family. That goes a long way, when you’re a long way away.

5. A Price Families Can Afford

A StoryCombs subscription can be purchased for your entire family for just $1.99/year. That means, if you have 19 family members, you could give the gift of StoryCombs for as low as ten cents each! When you give the gift of StoryCombs, you're giving a gift that the entire family can enjoy and leverage to learn more about what makes your family so unique and special.

Bonus tip: StoryCombs is also an excellent choice if you’re like me and you’re shopping last minute. Will we ever learn? Not if we don’t have to. As simple as it is to set up and with the option to download and email the gift guide to any family members abroad, StoryCombs is the perfect last minute gift.
If you're shopping for a friend, or if you'd rather skip the set up for your family members, you can even purchase a gift card to the App Store or Play Store and download this holiday gift guide PDF to give with the gift card.

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