6 Ways to Make More Memories This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The holiday season is known for many things. Hallmark holiday movie marathons, cozy flannel pajamas, spectacularly wrapped packages, and fancy holiday parties, to name a few. And while the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”—it’s also known to be one of the busiest times of the year. A potluck here, a gift exchange there…with so much on the calendar it can be hard to slow down and take time to make meaningful memories with the ones you love.

That’s why we rounded up six ideas to help you slow down and connect with the people you love in a more meaningful way. We hope you find our suggestions helpful and playful!

6 Ways to Make More Memories This Holiday Season

1. Host a Holiday Party

Traditional holiday parties with mistletoe hanging from the rafters and eggnog served from punch bowls are always going to be in style. However, if you want to kick your party game up a notch this year, consider adding a theme to your holiday party plans.

There are a lot of great holiday themes for you to choose from! Maybe the ever-popular Ugly Sweater Party (á la Bridget Jones’ Diary), is the one for you. Perhaps you’re more of a classic Trim the Tree Party person, where you ask your guests to bring an ornament for your Christmas tree or for exchanging with each other. If neither of these themes fit your style, don’t fret! We suggest checking out this list of holiday party themes for more inspiration.

Want to make it more intimate? Consider cutting your guest list down and using the time to connect on a more individual level. To put less pressure on yourself as a hostess, you might also consider asking guests to bring a drink or food item to pass—less stress for you means more quality time with your company.

2. Make a Holiday Playlist

Have some musical fun with this holiday season—put together a holiday playlist for your family containing all of their favorite holiday songs!

Once you have a list of those songs you can look them up on any one of the great streaming platforms available like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or iTunes. Create a personal playlist (i.e. Campbell Holiday Favorites Mix 2019), adding all of the family favorites to it that you can locate.

Not sure what your family loves to listen to? Send out an email asking for their top favorite holiday songs and let them know you’re assembling something the entire family can enjoy.

3. Build a Snowman Together

Take advantage of a snowy day by gathering up the kids and heading outside to build a snowman! Make a game out of searching for items around the house and yard that you can use to make his eyes, nose, mouth, and arms. Try adding a few accessories, like a colorful scarf or superhero cape to complete his look. Another option is to purchase a pre-made snowman kit (just add snow!) from one of the many box stores and online retailers that offer them for sale.

Once your snowman is looking his dapper best, be sure to take some family pictures of everyone with their new friend. You’ll have some wonderful memories that will last well after the snow (and snowman) have melted.

4. Decorate Holiday Cookies as a Family

Decorating holiday cookies on your own is fun, but when you do it as a family, you get the chance to learn things like just how your Aunt Ida gets those snowflake lines drawn so straight (she uses a piping tool and paint brush), and why your youngest daughter only wants to decorate star-shaped holiday cookies this year (they remind her of the starfish she found at the beach during your family’s summer vacation at the Cape).

That’s just a bit of the fun you can have decorating holiday cookies together as a family. You can also use the time to swap favorite family holiday recipes like your Grandma Jeanette’s holiday cut-out cookies that you all bake and decorate each holiday season.

Did you know that you can use StoryCombs to save cherished family recipes like Grandma Jeanette’s holiday cut-out cookies? Give it a try!

5. Tour Outdoor Holiday Light and Decoration Displays

One constant of the holiday season, whether it snows where you are or not, is that people love to decorate their homes with holiday-themed lights and decorations. The day’s jumble of wires, bulbs, and cords gives way to a magical world of light and color after the sun goes down. It’s the makings of the perfect holiday season family field trip!

You may be lucky enough to be able to just take a walk or ride through your own neighborhood to see everything from blinking multi-colored lights to a mechanical rooftop Santa illuminated by spotlights, but don’t let that stop you from looking for other holiday light and decoration displays around town. A number of parks offer holiday light and decoration displays that you can tour from the warmth of your car. (Cozy blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa, anyone?)

Want still more holiday lights and decorations in your life? Check with friends, local newspapers, and online discussion groups to find out where the best neighborhood light and decoration displays are this year. Then when the sun goes down, pack everyone into your car and go!

6. Create a Holiday Time Capsule With StoryCombs

The holiday season is a wonderful time for reflecting on what you’ve accomplished in the current year. It’s also an opportunity to look ahead toward what you want to achieve next year. Creating a holiday time capsule themed album with the StoryCombs app will provide your family with a place to record and share your annual holiday season reflections and achievements. Think how interesting it will be each successive year, as your family looks back at the stories of years past to see just how close you all were to meeting your previous year’s goals and predictions.

Getting started with StoryCombs is as easy as inviting family members to download the StoryCombs app and join your Hive (your own private family group) so that they can share and add photos, audio, and video content to your album, too. If you or any of your family members are looking for some ideas for recording your story, check out these family storytelling tips.

What are your family’s plans to make more memories during the holiday season this year? We’d love to know! Share your plans with us in the comments below.