How to Download & Set up StoryCombs

The StoryCombs app helps you capture the experience of hearing a loved one tell a story in person. We have all seen photos and treasured heirlooms fade away, but StoryCombs brings them to life through narrated photos.

1. Download the StoryCombs App

Visit for the app download link, or search 'storycombs' in the App Store or Play Store. Once downloaded, tap SIGN UP to create your account.

2. Add a Profile Picture

Once you've created your account, tap the You tab on the bottom of the screen. Tap the yellow pencil icon to add a profile picture—the image others will see when they interact with your stories in the app.

3. Create your First Hive

Tap the Hives icon on the bottom of the screen to create your first hive. A hive is a private place where you and your loved ones can create and share narrated photos.

We recommend creating hives based on the family groups you belong to. For example, the hive shown here is called The Smiths, and includes members of the Smith family. You might create a second hive for your significant other's family.

When you invite people to join your hive, they will receive an email invitation with a link to download the app.

4. Create Albums

Albums help your hive organize your stories. Just like you organize photographs into photo albums, you will organize your narrated photos into albums by topic. For example, you might create albums for people, places, recipes, or traditions that are meaningful to the hive.

Anyone in the hive can create an album in the app by tapping '+ New album'. Once an album is created, all hive members can add narrated photos to that album.

5. Add Narrated Photos to Albums

Once an album has been created, everyone in the hive can add their stories! Open the album and select the yellow hexagon on the bottom right of the screen. Follow the prompts to upload a photo, then record yourself or a loved one telling a story about it. You can record either video or audio narration depending on what makes you more comfortable. The app automatically combines your photo and narration to create a narrated photo.

Your narrated photo will be saved to the album, where everyone in your hive can view it. You can also view narrated photos added by other hive members.

In you have questions about how to use the StoryCombs app, please visit our Support page.

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The StoryCombs team created this blog to encourage, inform, and inspire your storytelling journey. Try the StoryCombs app to curate a lasting legacy through narrated photos. We believe your family’s narrative is precious and deserves a safe place to live and grow.

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