How to Honor Military Service with StoryCombs

As non-military citizens, it can be challenging to think of proper ways to show deference and gratitude to those who have served.

One way that we can try to offer our respect and thanks is to ensure that the military stories and experiences in our families are recorded and preserved so that they may live on for generations to come. In this piece, we explore the opportunity for collecting and saving these stories, what’s possible with StoryCombs, and helpful tips for getting started.

Ensure Important Details are Protected

My grandfather proudly served in World War II. My Mom, a history teacher, pledges to enlighten her students about his service each school year when new eighth graders cross through her classroom door. She talks about him with such pride, and displays his World War II uniform.

Though this presentation to her students is informative and helps to keep my grandfather’s story alive, my Mom and I both greatly wish that we had more anecdotes of his service concretely recorded on a platform like StoryCombs, as sorrowfully, many details of his stories have been lost over time.

I can perfectly recall my Grandpa regaling us with how he was drafted in 1942 and served until 1946 and how he was in the Army Air Corp. in the Pacific. However, many of the details of his tales of his time in Tianan, Saipan, Guam, and the Philippines have faded over time. If StoryCombs had existed a handful of years ago prior to his passing, then my Mom and I could hear my Grandpa forever tell his military stories. StoryCombs would have been an idyllic format in which to concretely save his legacy.

Preserve Military Family Stories With StoryCombs

With StoryCombs, you and your family members can create shared albums in a private group called a Hive. To help record and preserve your family’s military stories for generations to come, you can use the StoryCombs app to:

  • Create an unlimited number of family Hives (private groups) for different sides of your family

  • Invite an unlimited number of family members to join each Hive at no cost to them

  • Add audio or video to images to create narrated photos

  • Organize stories by topic in shared albums

  • Share family stories with members of your family Hive

  • Browse, view, and comment on other stories submitted by your family members

When you have a place dedicated to recording and organizing your family’s stories, you can ensure every detail of your Dad’s Navy stories are recorded. Save your Grandpa’s Marine tales from his self-proclaimed glory days. Safely store your Mom’s Army photos. Hear your uncle nobly discuss his Navy medals. This is a privilege that you and your family will be able to listen to together and bond over while your loved one is still here, and something profoundly special that you’ll appreciate after they are gone.

Getting Started

It’s simple to pay homage to the military service members in your family with StoryCombs. To get started:

  1. Download the app

  2. Create a family Hive

  3. Invite an unlimited number of family members at no cost to them

  4. Conduct research to identify military service members in your family

  5. As you locate information and photos, upload them to StoryCombs with recorded video or audio narratives

Create a military service album in StoryCombs or an individual album for every unique service member—the choice is yours!

As you inquire with family members about service members from generations past or about their own personal experiences in today's time, remind your relatives that they can rest assured that these stories will be safe and protected for years to come. It’s worth noting too that some loved ones may have a difficult time speaking about their military experience. While it’s important to ask direct questions to help jog your family member’s memory, always remember to proceed with care and respect.

If you happen to have an image that you’d like to add to your album, but you’re not sure as to the story behind it—you can always ask another member of your Hive to provide a narrated video for the image to ensure that the full story is captured. After you add an image, simply select, “Send to a Hive member to narrate,” as pictured in the image below and ask a family member to add narration to your image on behalf of your family.

It is of the utmost importance to display our pride for our loved ones in the military in order to help shine a light on their service to our country and ensure that their stories are never erased. As our veterans continue to age, StoryCombs assists users in doing just that. By capturing and cementing these stories, users can feel comforted in knowing that the stories of our military and veteran family members will be highlighted and honored for decades to come.