5 Creative Ways to Use StoryCombs This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when the race is on to find personal and meaningful gifts for your friends and loved ones while also making time to transform your home into a welcoming example of holiday cheer. There is often so much to do that it can seem like you’ll never finish it all. Don’t get discouraged! We’re here to help!

Here are five creative ways you can use StoryCombs to help you with your holiday gift planning, decorations cataloging, and family story keeping this holiday season.

1. Personalized Multimedia Scrapbook

One meaningful way you can show your loved ones that you care this holiday season, especially your children, is to give them a personalized online scrapbook of their accomplishments using the StoryCombs app.

Not sure where to start? Think about what area your loved one is most involved in, like dance, sports, or volunteering. See what you have on-hand, what’s available online, and also ask family members and friends if they have some videos and pictures that they’d be willing to let you use, or better yet, would be willing to add themselves.

Even if your family and friends are spread out around the country, and beyond, you can still share stories using StoryCombs. You can create a private group (called a Hive), and start sharing images, videos, and audio clips right away.

Add another level of awe to your multimedia scrapbook by asking teachers, coaches, teammates, mentors, and fans to supply audio or video kudos to your loved one that you can upload. Before you know it, you'll have a one-of-a-kind gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

2. Holiday Cards and Letters Memory-Log

Sending and receiving holiday cards and letters packed with updates and photos chronicling what we’ve been up to all year long is a long-standing holiday tradition. Some years you may end up with so many that every doorway, banister, and mantel is covered with them, and other years, not so much. Whether many or few, they still stand as a reminder that you are a part of a loving network of friends and family.

That being said, once the holiday is over and it’s time to take all of the decorations down, including the holiday cards and letters, what can you do with all of those precious updates? We suggest creating a holiday cards and letters memory-log. It’s easy with StoryCombs. Just snap pictures or take a video of all of the holiday cards and letters you received this year and create an album with StoryCombs to store them for easy access anytime you wish.

Add a twist: If your family sends out an annual holiday card or letter with updates of your own, create an album just for you all to add to and look back on as the years go by. It’s a fun and easy way to chronicle your family history!

3. Audio/Visual Gift List

With so many gifting and shopping options available to us today, selecting gifts for your family members can get a little overwhelming. One creative way to keep track of it all is to use StoryCombs as a way to create a collaborative audio/visual gift list!

Create an album in your Hive called “Holiday Wish List.” There, you and any of your Hive members can add narrated photos of items on your list. This way, you can show and tell your family specifically what you’re hoping for and where they can find it. Have Tyler take a picture of the hockey stick he wants at the specialty shop. Ask Sara to make a video explaining why she is asking for charitable donations in lieu of other gifts this year. Add a picture of yourself with your favorite scented candle. Anything goes!

By sharing the item with your entire family, there’s still an element of surprise involved as to who in your Hive might feel inspired to fulfill your holiday wish.

Additionally, the comments function within the albums can be used to communicate with members of your Hive. This is handy if questions about holiday wish list items arise or changes to the list are made.

Need additional gift ideas? Check out our free guide below.

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4. Family Recipe Book

Collecting family recipes is a time-honored way to preserve your family’s legacy, as well as a bit of their culinary history. This holiday season, with the StoryCombs app, you can create a family recipe album filled with all of your favorite family recipes (and the stories that go with them) to share with the rest of your family as a unique gift.

Make your family recipe book really special by adding pictures of your family cooks alongside their best recipes. If you have pictures of the completed dishes, or your family enjoying them, those can be added too. (Just be sure to label them so future generations will know what is what and who is who.) You can even encourage family members to add audio or video commentary to your recipes, or to add additional recipes of their own.

Keeping your family recipe book in StoryCombs is an easy way to ensure treasured family recipes and stories are preserved for generations to come.

5. Holiday Ornament Album

For those who celebrate Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree as a family (or framily) is a fun way to kick off your celebration of the season. Ornaments can be very sentimental items, each often having its own origin story and associated memories.

With the StoryCombs app, you can store images and videos of all of your ornaments to capture the unique story behind each item. As your collection grows over the years, you can continue to create entries that describe the special significance behind each item. Should you pass down any ornaments over the years, or have any passed down to you—you will now have a repository of meaningful memories to continue to share over the years.

You can even use StoryCombs to help you keep organized! Use the “Title” field in the app to label each ornament with a name, storage box number and location (if applicable), date added, where it came from, and even a short description of why a particular ornament is special to you and your family. Have some ornaments that light up and/or make sound? Show off their unique special effects by featuring it in your audio recording as you describe the item.

We suggest taking pictures of all of your holiday decorations once you have them out on display. Having these pictures will provide your family with wonderful memories. They can also make holiday set up that much easier in the years to come, because you’ll know what decorations you have on-hand.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here for how to use StoryCombs creatively this holiday season.

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