The Perfect Way to Commemorate Your Family's Football Obsession

As a member of a family, there’s a certain amount of things you inherit. Genetics, your ancestry, hand-me-downs, and even particular allegiances, like football fandoms.

If your family is of the NFL or college football obsessed variety, you’ve likely amassed a metaphorical mountain of stories over the years about various games, plays, referee calls, Super Bowls, and even tailgating shenanigans. While being a fan tends to develop over time through an individual's personal experiences, there’s something to be said for growing up hearing about your family member’s own die-hard fan tales.

To help you memorialize your family’s feelings about your favorite teams, check out how to set up a football themed album in your StoryCombs Hive.

Create Your Football Album

To create your football album, first, select a cover photo! Next, be sure to name the album and generally describe the stories and photos you’re hoping to include in this particular location.

Add a Favorite Football Story

To add your first story, hit the plus sign in the lower right hand corner. From there, you can upload or take a photo or choose to upload or take a video. If, for example, you first choose to upload a photo, you can then take a video of yourself to explain the story behind the image. When you select narrate on video, your phone will automatically open up your camera in landscape mode. Just rotate your phone and it’s lights, camera, action!

Once you’ve created your video narration, add a title, tag family members included in the image, and add a location and date. The app then stores the video file with the image by overlaying them and packaging them as one single story unit! As you view each story, toggle back and forth between the video and the image, depending on which you'd like to see a larger image for!

Share Your Football Stories With Friends and Family

Now that your football Hive is all set up, be sure to let your friends and family know about your latest album and prompt them to add their own football stories! Hive members can be invited to join at no cost to them. As the Hive owner, you bear the $1.99/year subscription cost and have the power to invite unlimited members to join and participate in your private Hive.

If you have photos that you think family members are better suited to narrate, simply add the photo and send your family member a notification through the app that invites them to tell the story behind the image!

You can also engage with your family members within the album by liking certain stories and leaving comments.

Collect Memorable Football Stories for Years to Come

Upload each season’s most memorable moments throughout the year. From your mother’s famous buffalo chicken dip, to the moment your team secured a spot in the playoffs for the first time in years, the stories you preserve in StoryCombs are sure to enhance your family’s sense of fandom and personal identity.

Football Album Ideas for Getting Started

If you need a few ideas to help get you started, consider this list as you flip through the photos on your phone.

Football Game Recipes

Are there any staples that appear in your living room whenever a game is on? If you tend to create the same types of goodies for football watching, or enjoy a specific type of beverage, be sure to capture that tradition.

Favorite Gear and Jerseys

Does anyone in your family have a closet full of jerseys? Upload a photo of them all decked out and share the story behind why that player is a favorite!

Baby Onesies and Toddler Jerseys

When it comes to fandom, it’s a popular choice to try and “start ‘em young!” Upload photos of the babes in your family decked out in their fandom gear.

Favorite Plays From Specific Games

Sometimes I’m amazed at the specific detail in which my husband can recount a play from years ago. If a particular maneuver goes down in history, be sure to add it to your album to ensure your entire family and future family members learn what made it so remarkable.

Viewing Party Photos

Do you have a tradition of inviting certain friends or family members over for the weekly game? Add photos of your gatherings over the years to compile an homage to your time spent together with loved ones. Bonus points if your shots include air pumps, chest bumps, or faces full of nachos.

Tailgating Memories

A football album would not be complete without a few silly tailgating stories! Whether it's photos of the amount of snow gear you had to wear because it was freezing out, or your epic tent set up, make sure you've recorded the stories behind your favorite tailgating moments, too.

Fantasy Football Wins (Or Memorable Losses!)

Remember that one time you made your friend take the SAT as a punishment for coming in last place in your fantasy football league? Don’t let them live it down! Immortalize their humiliation in StoryCombs! We kid! Sort of…. Avid fantasy fans know how intense the season can get with this added element. Add winning and losing stories alike to keep track of your league’s progress over the years.

Is your family full of dedicated football fans? Let us know what team you root for in the comments below! Go Bills!


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