Collect Halloween Memories With StoryCombs

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Whether you’ve been carefully cataloguing your family’s history and you’re ready for something new to (pumpkin) spice up your Hive or you’re brand new to StoryCombs and need some inspiration, a Halloween themed album could be just what you need.

StoryCombs makes creating themed albums so easy it’s scary. (See what we did there?) The steps below outline everything you need to know to get started and collect your family’s favorite Halloween memories.

Identify The Photos You’ll Use in Your Halloween Album

While you flip through your collection of photos and mementos for things to include in your creepy collection, you’ll have to first decide what types of photos will be included.

Is your Halloween album going to consist only of vintage photos or only modern photos? Will it be a combination of the two? If you decide to include some vintage photos in your collection, proceed with caution! You want to be absolutely certain that the outfits in the photos are, indeed, costumes. As scary as your aunt’s perm was, her wrath when you include her in a Halloween album is even scarier! Yikes!

Create Your Halloween Album in the App

Once you have your photos in mind, you’re ready to start the album!

1. Open the StoryCombs app on your smart phone

2. Click on the “New album” button and add a cover photo, title, and the description of the types of stories and photos to be shared in this album

Now you have an album! But alas, it’s empty!

3. Upload a photo using the plus sign in the bottom corner

4. Edit/crop your photo if you’d like to

Now that you have the album and you’ve uploaded your first photo, you’re ready for the next step!

Narrate Your Photos

Every costume has a story behind it, but not every costume can tell you that story on its own. This is where photo narration becomes indispensable. Share the details for your family to hear first hand. Remind them of how you were dressed as an obscure book character one year, or how you handmade all three of your kids’ costumes, or how that shadowy figure in the background DEFINITELY wasn’t there when you took the photo.

You can easily add these details with a video or audio clip attached to the photo itself. If you’re unsure what on earth the people in the photo are supposed to be, remember that this is a team effort! You can send the photo to another member of your StoryCombs Hive through the app and ask them to narrate the photo for you!

Tag Hive Members and Add Dates and Locations

When finishing up your Halloween album, remember that the devil is in the details! Before publishing a photo to your album, you’ll have the opportunity to add important information, like the notes you might’ve scribbled on the back of a photo in the past. It’s sinfully simple—you just click on each row to add a title, tag a member of your Hive, add the location, and add the date the photo was taken. And don’t worry—if you don’t add these details right away, you can always come back to edit the information later.

After you’re finished inputting all the details, you can publish the photo to your album by clicking “done,” and you’re… done!

Halloween, Forever

Now that you have your Halloween album set up in StoryCombs, you can continue to add to it for years to come. You and the other members of your Hive can revisit it again and again, adding new costumes and wonderfully weird memories to it each year for your entire family to enjoy!

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